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Non-profit organizations are tasked with creating an emotional connection with people that will garner their support and ultimately lead to donations. But with so many messages coming at prospective donors each day, it can be challenging to cut through the noise. Non-profits need to incorporate a wide array of fundraising tactics if they want to stand out from the crowd.


Try These Fundraising Tactics


There are countless tactics you can incorporate in your fundraising strategy that will help you build strong connections and raise money for your cause. Whether it’s via partnerships technology or innovative campaigns, your potential is limitless.


1. Put your leaders in the limelight.


Your founders and leadership team are an integral part of your fundraising. Take the time to understand the experiences that urged your founders to start the charity. Then share those personal motivations to create an authentic connection with your donors. This authenticity builds a stronger bond between your supporters and your cause, leading to more recurring donations.  


2. Set specific fundraising goals. 


It’s critical to get clear about your goals so that you can make your case to donors. Next, you want to track your impact towards these goals. Sharing specific info about how donations are used creates trust between you and your donors, which again leads to stronger relationships and long term support. 


3. Think ‘multi-channel.’


You can’t rely on people to find you through your website or word of mouth. You have to promote your cause across multiple marketing channels. Consider using email, display advertising, social media, direct mail, and traditional media. Multi-channel fundraising tactics will get your charity in front of more people. Furthermore, as people see your NPO sharing a consistent message in multiple places, it leads to increased familiarity and trust. 


4. Be data-driven from the start.


Tracking metrics from the start of a campaign helps you create a complete wrap-up report after each campaign. These wrap-up reports may not rival your annual report. But sharing a nicely designed infographic with your donors that highlights the impact of their donation will help them feel good and encourage continued giving.


5. Share your non-profit’s story.


Your story is the heart of your organization. It explains what you do, why and how you do it, and what makes your organization unique. More importantly, it helps people feel to your cause and encourages them to take action. This article on our blog goes into great detail on telling your non-profit story in a way that motivates donors to give.


6. Spotlight your recipients/beneficiaries.


It’s essential to give a face to your cause and bring your beneficiaries to life. This personification helps people feel connected to your cause and see exactly how your organization makes a difference. Spotlight stories can live on your website and be shared across social media. They work well in monthly newsletters, as well as end-of-year reports. Use real people and real stories whenever possible; this is far more effective than using a general profile. 


7. Have a partner strategy.


Consider partnering up with complementary organizations to extend your audiences reach. Aside from this, don’t overlook the benefit of corporate partnerships.  These relationships can help demonstrate your commitment to bettering communities, as well as strengthen the forces of your team. Double the Donation, a platform designed to increase the occurrence of matching gifts for your organization, recommends including corporate partnerships in your fundraising strategy. These partnerships can come to life in the form of event sponsorships, challenge grants or matching gifts. 


8. Make technology your friend.


Technology is an essential part of today’s business strategies, even for non-profit organizations. You need tools and platforms to facilitate donor communications, track marketing performance, manage financial data and more. Customer relationship management software, or CRMs, is critical in helping you keep track of your donors’ information and giving patterns. CRMs like Salsa, Bloomerang and Donor Perfect are specifically designed with non-profits in mind.


9. Accept online donations.


In today’s digital age, making it easy for people to give online is a must. In addition to clear calls-to-action on your website, you need to give donors an easy payment gateway. There are myriad tools that will allow you to accept one-time and recurring donations. Look for a partner like Braintree by Paypal which is specifically designed for non-profits.


10. Try face-to-face fundraising.


Our digital world is becoming more automated every day. That’s what makes face-to-face connection so important. Using an in-person approach can set your charity apart. In-person fundraising is effective in:

  • Building a personal connection
  • Creating an experience
  • Increasing retention and loyalty


11. Remember to say thank you.


Be sure to promptly acknowledge all donations, digital and in-person, with a thank you note. This can be a digital message that appears on the payment confirmation screen. Alternatively, you might send an automated thank-you email. You can then follow this up by mailing a handwritten thank you note to their physical address. Beyond a thank you note, CauseVox shares several unique ways to thank your donors. These include a spotlight in your annual report or on your website, social media shoutouts and a donor appreciation party.




12. Try paid fundraising tactics.


Non-profits may struggle with the idea of spending money on marketing activities. However, the most successful non-profit organizations rely on a combination of paid and organic tactics to reach their fundraising goals. And you don’t have to invest in the most expensive methods. By allocating a small budget towards targeted social media campaigns, for example, you will likely acquire new donors for much less than a traditional TV or print campaign. Because in-person fundraising can be so effective, hiring an outreach team may be one of the most cost-effective fundraising tactics to consider. 


Charitable giving is expected to grow by as much as 3.4% in 2019 and even more in 2020. This can lead to greater contributions if you know how to grab your donors’ attention. Keep your charity’s mission front and center. Then focus on ways to create authentic connections with people who share your passion for change.  



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