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Brittany Evans

Brittany Evans

Brittany Evans is a veteran of planning and developing internal, client-facing, and customer-facing applications for non-profit and for-profit organizations. Her focus is on devising processes and systems that deliver scalability for our clients with impeccable results.

Inspiring Calls to Action from Top Non-Profits

For non-profits, explaining why a donor should give may be second nature. Your marketing and messaging strategy may include compelling facts about the people you serve, the programs you run, and why your cause is more important today than ever before. But, what will prompt the reader or viewer to take out his wallet or

Fundraising Analytics Next Step For Non Profits

Fundraising Analytics: The Next Step for Non-Profits

Fundraising for a non-profit relies on having a deep, broad, and current understanding of who your current and future donors are, and which programs are most effective. Well-run and successful non-profits have an integrated and current set of metrics that help guide their strategies and programs.   

Non Profit Mission Statements

Non-Profit Mission Statements to Inspire Your Messaging

As more people donate to more non-profits (a total of more than $400 billion), non-profits are becoming more sophisticated and competitive in their fundraising efforts. Taking a page from for-profit brands, they are investing time and resources in their marketing and communications strategies and building high-performance internal teams.   

Sales Strategies

Sales Strategies to Achieve your 2020 Goals

The new year is underway and many businesses are eager to fine-tune their sales strategies. Think of your 2020 sales strategy as a guiding light your team can use to illuminate your way to a successful year. With the right sales strategies, your organization will be empowered to hold a customer-first mindset, educate prospects, drive

Sales Metrics Tracking

Sales Metrics You Should be Tracking in 2020

Every year we’re presented a blank slate. We create New Year’s Resolutions with the hopes of improving ourselves in some way. For sales organizations, the new year creates new opportunities to develop new sales strategies. As we welcome 2020, many sales teams are going back to the drawing board to map out the sales strategies

Sales Tools For Increased Revenue

5 Sales Tools to Double Your Profits in 2020

According to the State of Sales report conducted by Salesforce Research, “Half of sales reps say relationship building is their favorite activity” but “most are too bogged down by day-to-day tasks to engage with customers as much as they’d like.” In addition, sales professionals allocate 64% of their time on non-selling projects. Sales tools streamline

non profit kpis metrics

The Non-Profit KPIs and Metrics that Matter Most

Non-profit organizations are learning a lot from for-profit companies. For instance, we see many NPOs getting more focused on measuring the performance of their fundraising strategy. They’re going beyond tracking dollars raised to reporting on the success of fundraising campaigns. This is a new approach for the industry. And many organizations are struggling to figure

best nonprofit technologies

Top Nonprofit Technology and Tools to Increase Donations

The business landscape is crowded with software and tools. This makes sense. Technology empowers commercial and non-profit organizations alike to grow. For many NPOs, technology is becoming a core part of their fundraising strategy. Non-profits are turning to tech to track donor info, accept donations online and in the field, automate marketing efforts, and so

documenting fundraising goals

7 Mistakes Non-Profits Make When Setting Fundraising Goals

Fundraising goals are an important part of your fundraising strategy. They provide a benchmark to measure success against and can help you prove growth and campaign effectiveness. If you’re new to a metrics-driven approach to fundraising, establishing your goals can be daunting. But it’s well worth going beyond your comfort zone to identify some fundraising