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RJ Renna

RJ Renna

RJ Renna spearheads new market development for our clients. Charged with devising innovative customer or donor acquisition strategies, RJ is responsible for ensuring that every client campaign embraces all opportunities and delivers on its goals.

4 Common Customer Pain Points and How to Soothe Them

Every worker — from entry-level interns to C-level executives — suffers from business headaches. As the year goes on, these pain points evolve and are often a function of circumstances beyond an individual’s or organization’s control. But businesses that are easing these customer pain points by creating and selling solutions need to develop a high level


7 Keys to Customer Empathy: Building Relationships That Last

Many organizations operate around short-term and annual KPIs and goals, but fail to value the significant impact of retention and long-term relationships. Although difficult (but not impossible) to measure, customer empathy is the key to building a brand and acquiring/keeping the best clients. Your sales strategy and training today needs to incorporate the steps you’ll

High Pressure Sales Tactics

How to Avoid High-Pressure Sales Tactics To Connect With Customers

If you’re in business, you’ve probably been the recipient of high-pressure sales tactics such as cold calls, robocalls, LinkedIn pitches, mass e-mails, and direct mail campaigns. These high-pressure sales tactics typically end up in the real or digital trash pail.   High-pressure selling is defined as “salespersons using psychological pressure on the customer by appealing

Experiential Marketing Campaigns

Experiential Marketing Campaigns That Leave Their Mark

The best experiential marketing campaign breaks through the messaging clutter and compels a prospect or customer to stop, read (or listen), and engage with the brand, business, product, or service.    Experiences – whether online or in real life – can be way more memorable than two-dimensional communications.    What Are Experiential Marketing Campaigns?  

Non Profit Trends

A Look Ahead: Non-Profit Trends for 2020

Close to 1.6 million non-profits currently exist in the United States and donors contribute about $390 billion annually. The competition for these dollars is expected to increase as organizations compete for their share of charitable giving.  

Analytic Platforms Sales Metrics

Analytic Platforms to Get the Sales Metrics You Need

Do you have an accurate view of how sales representatives spend their time? Or an accurate depiction of prospect and customer engagement rates by platform or channel? Are you aware of how your key performance metrics fluctuate over time? How are you currently making vital business decisions? If you can’t answer any or even some

Customer Acquisition Mistakes

Are You Making These Customer Acquisition Mistakes?

The journey to the land of top-notch customer acquisition processes is riddled with twists and turns. And while customer acquisition is challenging, converting new business is vital to keeping a company profitable. Without customers, a company will not survive. 

Sales Strategies Top Entrepreneurs

Sales Strategies & Playbooks of Top Entrepreneurs

Have you ever heard the saying, “A goal without a plan is just a wish?” This couldn’t be more true in the business world. And for growth-stage and startup businesses, a solid sales approach is of the utmost importance.  The best sales strategies and processes build the foundation for long-term business success.   

Outsourced Sales Teams

Sales Outsourcing – Expectations vs Reality

“Should we outsource our sales staff?” A simple “yes” may come easily to some, yet many companies are still reluctant to consider sales outsourcing. Without a consistent pipeline of new customers, a business will fail. So, it’s not surprising many organizations are hesitant to outsource any facet of their revenue generation activities (sales, marketing, customer

Master Face To Face Fundraising

5 Steps to Master Face-to-Face Fundraising

It’s no secret that our world has gone digital. This digital landscape reveals some alarming trends that make it seem like face-to-face fundraising is a thing of the past. But in-person engagement may be a cornerstone worth incorporating into your non-profit’s fundraising strategy.   Recent trends around digital and online engagement appear to negate the