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Sarah Flis

Sarah Flis

Sarah Flis leads Ascenta’s Operations and Client Services teams, providing clients with superior leadership during critical onboarding phases, including new business development, budget planning, financial modelling, campaign management and installing effective information management systems.

Millennial Fundraising: Why this Generation Cares About Giving

Today,  76.2 million millennials live in the U.S. and 84 percent of them contribute to charities, more than other generations. Millennials give an average of $481 annually. Based on that, millennial fundraising totals more than $30 billion.   That’s a huge opportunity! For non-profit organizations to succeed in millennial fundraising, they must have a sound

Rise Cause Marketing

The Rise of Cause Marketing

Americans prioritize companies that are responsible (86 percent), caring (85 percent), advocate for issues (81 percent), protect the environment (79 percent) and give back to important causes (73 percent), according to a study by Porter Novelli.  These stats showcase the fact that cause marketing is on the rise. 

Donor Thank You

7 Tips to a Memorable Donor Thank You

Expressing your gratitude to the donors who support your non-profit is more important than ever. The average U.S. donor contributes to 4.5 non-profits annually, so having a clear strategy and marketing/sales plan for staying top-of-mind year-round is more important than ever. We’ve outlined 7 tips for a memorable and effective donor thank you. 

Sales Goals Tools

The Edge You Need to Hit Your Sales Goals

Setting the right sales goals isn’t easy and both individual and department-wide sales goals present unique challenges. A variety of internal and external factors can prohibit your ability to hit your sales targets but having a process in place makes goals more achievable.   

Customer Acquisition Guide

The Layman’s Guide to Customer Acquisition

Customer acquisition is essential to the health of every company. If acquisition processes aren’t successful, a company will fail. Customers fuel revenues and keep companies in business. As a result, many businesses closely oversee their customer journeys to identify gaps and improve relationships. 

Face To Face Sales Benefits

6 Benefits of Face-to-Face Sales

Technology has completely changed the way we interact with each other and the world around us. Whether we’re searching for the best pizza restaurant, video chatting with a friend, or buying a new sweater, technology is ubiquitous in almost every facet of our daily lives. There’s no denying that the rise of technology has improved

Customer Acquisition Trends

The Next Big Thing in Customer Acquisition

Earning new business is challenging, regardless of business model, company size or industry. The most successful companies employ a sound customer acquisition strategy to drive revenue, improve customer loyalty and increase customer retention. Acquiring new customers encompasses a variety of sales strategies. The right process will enable an organization to invest in growth and development

Fundraising Strategy Donor Retention Rates

A Fundraising Strategy to Improve Your Donor Retention Rate

Fundraising is essential for non-profit organizations (NPOs). A successful fundraising strategy will improve donor retention rates, increase donor lifetime value, and ultimately, achieve your goals. However, external factors like the stock market, real estate market, and even, the political climate can affect donor retention rates and make executing a successful fundraising strategy difficult to accomplish. 

Fundraising Strategies Non Profits

Fundraising Strategies for Nonprofits: When and How to Outsource

As 2020 is quickly approaching, non-profit organizations are preparing for the upcoming year by analyzing their fundraising strategies. The demands for more creative and effective fundraising campaigns will continue to increase, but many non-profit organizations have limited in-house support staff and resources to support the rising consumer demand. Outsourcing with the right partner can improve