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Sarah Flis

Sarah Flis

Sarah Flis leads Ascenta’s Operations and Client Services teams, providing clients with superior leadership during critical onboarding phases, including new business development, budget planning, financial modelling, campaign management and installing effective information management systems.
Increase Monthly Recurring Donations

How to Increase Monthly Recurring Donations

  While everyone who supports your cause is valuable, not all donors deliver equal value. Many non-profit organizations are beginning to assess the lifetime value of a donor to identify how much donors give over time and which types of donors provide the most financial support. While one-time donations are helpful, campaigns that increase monthly

Effective Fundraising Strategies

11 Effective Fundraising Strategies to Mimic: 2019 in Review

Because every NPO is unique, determining the most effective fundraising strategies can be challenging. Not all nonprofit fundraisers are created equal and what works for one nonprofit organization may not work for another. During the initial planning stages, answer the following questions:    What strategy will support your overall nonprofit story and mission? Does the activity