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“Should we outsource our sales staff?” A simple “yes” may come easily to some, yet many companies are still reluctant to consider sales outsourcing. Without a consistent pipeline of new customers, a business will fail. So, it’s not surprising many organizations are hesitant to outsource any facet of their revenue generation activities (sales, marketing, customer success).


Sales outsourcing has garnered a bad reputation. While the confusion around the benefits of sales outsourcing still lingers, this article will put those misconceptions to rest, once and for all.

What is sales outsourcing?

Sales outsourcing is when a company entrusts a third-party sales team to fuel all or part of its sales engine. The third-party outsourcing company is typically paid based on performance or results achieved, creating mutual benefit for both parties. Furthermore, sales outsourcing is beneficial to organizations eager to drive lead generation efforts and:


  • Attract and manage a sales department without hiring in-house employees
  • Reduce dollars spent on employee onboarding
  • Free in-house sales reps for more strategic work
  • Improve speed to market
  • Drive sales growth
  • Scale sales output
  • Accelerate the buyer’s journey


If you’re still on the fence about whether to employ this approach, here are five situations where sales outsourcing realities will exceed your expectations.


Expectation #1: Sales outsourcing is a “one size fits all” approach

The reality is every business is unique. The right third-party partner will understand the challenges your organization is up against and work with you to overcome any roadblocks obstructing your path to success.


Most organizations spend countless hours developing their brand, company voice, pricing structure, and value propositions. The process of handing off these integral customer touchpoints to a third-party may seem daunting. You may wonder how a third-party sales force can possibly communicate your brand better than you. However, a strategic partner will collaborate with your team to establish a comprehensive plan to reach and engage with your targeted prospects by:


  • Understanding your ideal customer profile and targeting criteria
  • Reviewing your past KPIs
  • Analyzing strengths and weakness of previous marketing and sales campaigns
  • Adhering to your brand style guidelines and follow-up cadence


Sales representatives must be able to clearly communicate a company’s story, product or service offerings, key-value propositions, and promotional pricing when speaking with potential customers. A sales outsourcing firm won’t reinvent the wheel. They’ll implement a program that is tailored to your goals and leverage industry trends to invigorate your campaigns.


Expectation #2: Outsourced sales staffs are more expensive 

One of the most common misconceptions about outsourced sales teams is the belief that hiring in-house sales reps is more cost-effective than hiring third-party sales representatives. In reality, outsourced sales teams are more affordable than you think. You’ll gain the flexibility to increase or decrease your investment based on performance. Additionally, campaigns are more likely to get up and moving quickly because outsourced sales teams have the infrastructure and tools for rapid implementation.


Of course, like any investment, businesses must see a return on investment to make outsourcing their sales force worth their while. Choosing a third-party sales partner may not be a fit for every business. If you’re curious if sales outsourcing makes sense for your budget, calculate the cost and compare it to your return on investment forecasts.


Expectation #3: The customer experience lacks personalization

In reality, a good partner will work alongside you to identify gaps in your customer outreach strategy and develop personalized messaging that addresses the individual concerns of prospective customers. After bringing a partner on board, you’ll have the power of hundreds of sales professionals that are trained to:


  • Represent your brand in a positive manner
  • Educate your audiences on your key value propositions
  • Build solid relationships with prospects


Additionally, outsourced sales pros will gather an objective view of potential buyers’ beliefs about your product and services. They’ll be better equipped to highlight weaknesses that in-house sales teams may have missed when initially building out the team.


Expectation #4: You won’t have control

It’s likely you’re not overseeing all of your in-house sales representatives on a daily basis. With the right partner and communication strategy, you can prevent loss of control and visibility. Here are a few tips to harbor complete transparency with an outsourced staff:


  1. Partner with a third-party organization that takes risk management seriously
  2. Train internal staff on what the terms of the outsourcing contract encompass
  3. Ensure transparent communication procedures between in-house and outsourced employees
  4. Manage and adjust outsourcing processes as needed


Expectation #5: You need to have it all figured out

You actually don’t need to have it all figured out. The right partner will have extensive experience in your industry and will brand your product or services for maximized sales and return on investment. Remember, they will likely have a vested interest in seeing you succeed.


Companies and products are also in constant evolution and an experienced outsourcing company will help you iron out the kinks in your sales strategy at regular intervals, use data to develop personalized engagement strategies and advocate for your product and services.

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