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In a world that is rapidly losing human connection for the sake of automation, we believe that the brands that get face-to-face with their audiences are the ones that will be remembered.

Ascenta provides direct sales, customer acquisition and donor acquisition services to leading commercial and non-profit organizations. Our focus is on developing highly customized strategies for our clients that create new and lasting relationships.

We mobilize teams across the country to serve as extensions of our clients’ organizations, powering hundreds of sales and fundraising professionals who engage in millions of conversations each year on behalf of our partners. These Brand Ambassadors deliver carefully developed messages and cultivate relationships on behalf of our clients. Their friendly faces are seen throughout cities and communities, at businesses and local events.

Meet the Ascenta
Operations Team

Ascenta takes pride in bringing together the knowledge, commitment and enthusiasm that it takes to support our clients on their way to success. Our leadership team delivers decades of combined experience in customer and donor acquisition. This group of visionaries represents the very best in business development, logistics, operations and client success.

Sarah Flis
Chief Operating Officer

Sarah Flis leads Ascenta’s Operations and Client Services teams, providing clients with superior leadership during critical onboarding phases, including new business development, budget planning, financial modelling, campaign management and installing effective information management systems.

RJ Renna
Director of Client Services

RJ Renna oversees new market development for Ascenta’s clients. Charged with devising innovative acquisition strategies and managing multimillion-dollar client budgets, RJ is responsible for ensuring that every client campaign delivers on its goals.

Brittany Evans
Director of Operations

Brittany Evans spearheads planning and development of internal, client-facing and customer-facing applications. Her focus is on devising processes and systems that deliver efficiency, satisfaction and results.

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