What We Do

Face-to-Face Sales
& Marketing

Ascenta helps organizations acquire more customers and donors through customized face-to-face sales and marketing programs.

We work alongside leading brands to develop in-person engagement strategies that generate new business while simultaneously influencing awareness.

Commercial and non-profit leaders choose Ascenta to:

Provide a cost-effective means of acquiring new customers and donors
Increase visibility and educate potential audiences at scale
Leverage hundreds of Brand Ambassadors and sales pros without increasing internal resources
Complement data acquisition and market intelligence efforts

Giving You the Power of Scale

Tap into hundreds of sales and fundraising professionals ready to represent your brand through live one-on-one conversations with people around the country. Our nationwide network of Brand Ambassadors puts the power of scale in your hands.

These teams:

  • Engage in over 4 million personal conversations annually representing our clients’ products and causes.
  • Enroll hundreds of thousands of new customers and donors on behalf of our partners.
  • Generate hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue for our clients and their shareholders each year.

“Integrated Face-to-Face Engagement Programs

We surround our clients from day one to understand their goals and develop a strategy that’s tailored to their needs. Every program we execute includes:

Dedicated Support Team

Trained & Professional Sales or Fundraising Team

Complete Brand Immersion

Electronic Payment Processing

Data Acquisition Services

API Integrations to Key Systems

Custom Reporting Dashboard

“Customer Acquisition & Fundraising Expertise

Ascenta delivers decades of combined experience in customer and donor acquisition. Discover how we can apply our core areas of expertise to help your organization grow.

Customer Acquisition Programs

Fully customized experiences that engage live audiences and close new business

Donor Acquisition Campaigns

Professional fundraising services to acquire recurring donors while spreading awareness for your cause

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