The Ascenta Difference

Powered by people.
Fueled by data.
Backed by technology.

Business is more than just market share and acquiring new customers and donors.

  • You want to reach the right people to deliver an experience that will delight them.

  • You need to understand their needs and have the processes in place to serve them, ensuring continued relationships.

  • You must know what it costs to acquire those customers and what their lifetime value is to your organization.

Ascenta understands the complexities of the customer and donor lifecycle. We’re committed to providing you with the people, data and technology required to lay a clear path to exceptional ROI and growth.

“Professional Support

It starts with building a dedicated team that combines knowledge, experience and enthusiasm. We deliver all the support you need to ensure every facet of your success – from conceptualizing your campaign to getting new data into your systems. Your account support team will include expertise across:

  • Strategy & Business Development
  • Logistics & Compliance
  • Operations & Technology
  • Sales & Marketing


Effective strategies in today’s consumer-driven world must be innovative, creative and insightful. We take an immersive and data-driven approach to getting to know your business goals, solutions and the needs of your audience. To develop a truly effective strategy, we set out to:

  • Understand your business model, product portfolio, ideal customer/donor profiles
  • Conduct a demographic analysis of prospective geographic regions to identify highest performing market segments
  • Analyze performance of your past sales or fundraising efforts to identify effective characteristics
  • Leverage insights from millions of field interactions to collaboratively develop your field presentation
  • Develop the sales and marketing KPIs by which we’ll measure success

System Implementation & Integrations

Your account support team will work closely with you to implement the systems and processes you need to activate new customers or donors, process their data and initiate follow-up engagements.

Ascenta will provide:

  • Digital forms to facilitate collection of contact info and demographic data
  • PCI-certified electronic payment processing to accept all major credit, debit cards and ACH payments
  • Data validation to ensure all customer or donor info is accurate and complete
  • Data transfer via API integrations with CRM, third-party providers and merchant processors

Ongoing Performance Analysis & Optimization

Sustainable success requires continual analysis to assess what’s working and what’s not. Your support team will build a custom dashboard to monitor your campaign health across various KPIs and identify opportunities for improvement. We come together for daily check-ins to make certain that we’re delivering on pace, on target and to your specifications, keeping a constant eye on:

  • Budgeting & forecasting
  • Volume, revenue & retention
  • Customer/donor satisfaction
  • Brand Ambassador performance
  • Market performance by geo
  • Customer/donor demographics

You’ll also receive personalized reports with the metrics that matter most for your team, and we’ll review performance with you at the frequency level that’s right for your needs.

If you need a partner who can build a sales or fundraising strategy around the complexities of your organization, we’re here to help.