Donor Acquisition Solutions

Connect passion with people.

Donors are passionately connected to the cause they support. We help you connect to those supporters where ever they may be.

Non-profit leaders rely on Ascenta to develop customized strategies that extend their reach in the communities and markets that matter most for their causes. Through face-to-face fundraising, we engage community members, spread awareness and enroll new donors to make ongoing monthly contributions

Recurring donors give nearly


more per year than average
one-time donors.

— Network for Good

“Targeted Growth

Every cause is different. And there is no one-size-fits all strategy. Numerous factors help determine the tactics that will generate the most impact for your charity. Our partnership begins by establishing a deep understanding of your cause and conducting a thorough needs analysis.

Once we have a strong grasp of these aspects, we’ll work alongside your team to collaboratively create an inspiring and successful face-to-face fundraising campaign.

  • Delve into and empathize with your charity’s story and cause
  • Document your ideal donor profile
  • Map the geos and markets that matter most for your cause
  • Analyze strengths and weakness of previous fundraising efforts
  • Identify relevant industry trends that will positively influence your campaign
  • Understand your donation structure and which giving thresholds yield the highest lifetime donor value

“Brand Adherence

Your brand is about more than just your charity name or logo. It includes every sensory touchpoint that people encounter. The Ascenta team works closely with you to ensure that the entire donor experience is fully in-line with the image you wish to represent. This includes:

Venue Selection

What types of locations are best aligned to your business?

Booth Design

How can we bring your brand to life in 3D format?

Team Apparel

What clothing and accessories should Brand Ambassadors wear when representing your company?

Message And Presentation

How can we share your product in the most effective way that will motivate people to make a purchase?

Printed Materials

What visual and tactile materials do we need to help bring your product or service to life?

Digital Touchpoints

What brand guidelines should be adhered to in the electronic customer signup and verification processes?

Data and Insights

Your success is our top priority. We keep a constant eye on the health of your program and investment using a customized reporting dashboard.

Through daily, weekly and monthly check-ins, your dedicated team will track the metrics that matter most for your organization, such as:

Sign up rate – per hour, per day
Average gift amount
Fundraiser performance
Cost per donor
Retention/attrition rate
Fulfillment rate

If you need a partner who can help scale your regular giving program and increase lifetime donor value, chat with our team today. 

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